When can my child start KinderGym?

KinderGym is recommended for children who are crawling or walking.

Do KinderGym offer a catch-up session?

KinderGym offers a catch-up session for missed sessions. You can attend any of our other session times to do the catch-up session. Please check with the coach first though during Covid-19 restrictions.

What should my children wear to class?

KinderGym & GfA classes – children are encouraged to wear tight-fitting clothing (t-shirt/singlet, shorts/bike pants (leggings) Leotards are great but please, no crop tops. No hoodies, skirts or loose-fitting clothing.

  • WAG – leotard
  • MAG – shorts/athletic leggings/bike shorts

No jewellery including fit bits, smart watches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings etc-children will be asked to remove jewellery

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. KinderGym & Gymnastics for All both have waiting lists. For these and competitive gymsports please complete the form on the Contact tab on our website with your enquiry.

What is the cost of a session/term?

All gymsports are charged per term and fees are calculated pro rata if you start part-way through a term. Please refer to our membership fees page.

Why am I charged a registration fee for the year when my child only attended 1 – 2 terms?

This fee is charged to Gym West by Gymnastics Australia regardless of how long a gymnast stays with us. This fee is charged once per year in the first term attended and cannot be reduced or refunded.

Can I bring my child to a free lesson to see if they like it?

KinderGym and Gymnastics for All - a free come and try session is offered prior to signing up. Due to session numbers and space requirements in the gymnasium, a come and try session will not be offered until a spot opens-up.

MAG & WAG - if your child feels as though they would like the challenge of competitive gymnastics, please feel welcome to contact the club via email and request to attend a trial session - enquiries@gymwest.com

Where can I find more information about gymnastics in South Australia?

The Gymnastics SA website has an abundance of information regarding the sport of Gymnastics South Australia. You will also find information here about coaching, judging and competition schedules. https://sa.gymnastics.org.au/

How do gymnasts move between programs or levels at Gym West?

Go to this link which will show the clubs progression pathways

How do I find out about competitions dates, time & where they are held?

The head coach of the program will advise gymnast and parents on when & where competitions will be held. This information will also be on our website under the competition page.

You can also find out more about upcoming competitions, dates, times and venue on the Gymnastics SA website https://sa.gymnastics.org.au/

What can I do if I do not want to compete/train but still want to be involved in the sport of gymnastics?

There are certainly other things you can do to stay involved in the sport of gymnastics. Judging and coaching are two options and can be very rewarding. Gym West can assist you with further information or you can visit Gymnastics SA website at https://sa.gymnastics.org.au