Trans Bass Competition - Congratulations Ruby!

State Team training for Trans Bass competition is under way at GSA. Gym West's level 6 gymnast, Ruby has worked hard to secure a place in the team and is travelling to Geelong and competing on Friday, November 1 - Good luck Ruby! ...


WAG Parent Meeting - June 2019

The WAG parent meeting was held last Thursday and it was also well attended. We discussed the ideas for fundraising activities and sponsorship. We also managed to recruit another committee member who will assist with managing the new website and social media platforms. Upcoming competitions were talked about along with accommodation to those comps outside Adelaide and also how to purchase the new ...


Happenings at Gym for All

Term 2 was all about Gym for All (GfA) Challenges. Gym Mix and GfA Intermediate gymnasts performed routines on Vault, Bars Beam, Floor and mini tramp in teams of 3-6 members. The event occurred throughout Week 9, term 2: 24th-29th June. The teams were assessed by the coaches and receive an overall Bronze, Silver or Gold award. Well done to all those who participated! GfA Advanced competed at the...


Take the Children on a Journey with KinderGym Circus

Our Kindergym Circus commenced in the week of 27th June and it was a fun and exciting two weeks! There were lots of equipment challenges and fun circus characters that took the children on a journey each week around the KinderGym Circus. The Group Time activities we presented this term were a little more complex. We encouraged all children to try the songs and actions. The activities help to suppo...


New Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinator

We have a new Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinator, Ms Michelle Farrell. Michelle, along with the committee, has the enormous task of engaging everyone in the club to help with fundraising by running a variety of activities and events of varying interests. Fundraising is an important component of our club’s activities, as the low fee structure covers the day-to-day operations of GW and particip...



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