AMAZING RACE....Plane, trains and cartwheels - GfA Seniors


Location: Payneham Youth Centre

Address: Lot 18 Turner St, Felixstowe, SA, 5070

Date: 13/03/2021

Gym West Seniors

Arrive at – 3:00pm

Show 1 – 4:30pm

Show 2 – 6:30pm

Finish Approx. – 8pm

What to wear: We will be wearing our leotards with accessories. Please Contact us immediately if you do not have a leotard. Click the links below;

GFA Senior wear 1

GFA Senior wear 2

GFA Senior wear 3 (wear black leggings with leotard - over leotard, not under)

We also ask that you make your own neck scarf. All this requires is a 60cm x 60cm square of blue fabric from spotlight, there are videos on YouTube to help. Let us know if you need any assistance.

What to Bring: Please remember to bring comfortable clothes to wear while you wait for your performance, please note the temperature as we may have to wait in a marquee outside. Please also bring enough food and water for the few hours as well as some games/activities to keep you busy.

Buying Tickets: Tickets should be purchased from the Fringe website, our show is called ‘Amazing Race…Places, trains, and cartwheels’. Click here to book tickets online

Please keep in mind that there is limited seating for social distancing so therefore where possible please keep ticket purchases to a minimum.

We will assume that everyone will be attending however if this is not the case, please let Kelsey know at the door or email the club.