GYM WEST - Kindergym, Recreational & Competition Gymnastics Classes for Children in Adelaide.

Kindergym is a place where you and your child can share many wonderful hours of safe play together — play that is more than just child's play.

It is serious business as it is one of the key ways that your child will develop skills and gain self conference.

Children need a lot of love and encouragement as they explore their physical abilities and continue to learn new things.

Your praise, involvement and understanding will help them develop the self-esteem needed to be confident and successful in life.

Our Kindergym program is an enjoyable-movement program for your child which:

  • Exercises the whole body, including the mind

  • Creates a love of movement that can develop into a lifetime desire for physical fitness leading to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Develop both gross and fine motors skills

  • Develop confidence, rhythm, and body intelligence.

Each Kindergym lesson has a key development focus, and the setup provides a safe environment for exploration and practise, to assist your child's development into health and confidence.