GYM WEST - Kindergym, Recreational & Competition Gymnastics Classes for Children in Adelaide.

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  • Welcome and warm-up — routine stretching and songs

Guided Discovery

  • Identify special activities that have been included in the Free Play area that target a particular movement pattern.

  • The activities and movement patterns change each week to help develop various skills.

  • The activities range to change challlenge different ages and skill levels.

Free Play

  • Located in the Main Floor Area

  • Parents/Carers must stay with their children at all times to ensure safety

  • Free Play environment is structured to encourage and develop a variety of skills through exploring and playing

  • Includes gross motor and fine motor activities, quiet spot to rest, puzzles.

  • Parents/Carers and the Kindergym Leader can encourage and demonstrate activities for children to try.

Group Time

  • Signalled by a tambourine

  • Songs, rhymes and games

  • All children and parents/carers are encourage to participate

  • If your child is hesitant to participate, just observe from sidelines.

Cool Down

  • Cool Down song and rhyme.